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EHSReporting.com was created by a small group of western-Canadian citizens concerned about the exponential expansion of commercial radio frequency ('RF') pollution in our living environment. This site has been designed in consultation with recognized scientists specializing in the area of EHS symptoms and RF radiation.

Exposure to RF radiation is non-consensual, and increasing numbers of individuals globally are reporting harm to their health at the same time that recent scientific studies document RF's genotoxic (DNA damaging) effects. EHSReporting.com caters to increasing numbers of individuals who are self-reporting harm to their health from exposure to electromagnetic frequencies such as from cell towers, hydro-pole mounted antennae, wifi, smart meters, and similar devices. These individuals are often termed 'electrohypersensives' or 'EHS' or 'electrosensitives' or 'ES'. This group appears to be more sensitive to RF radiation than the typical individual and their numbers are generally estimated at 3-10% of the population. EHS persons are typically unrepresented by traditional medical professionals who lack awareness of the problem and by government agencies operating on outdated safety standards who deny any problem exists. Substantial numbers of people may be suffering EHS and be unaware of the source of their symptoms.

In the absence of government engagement on this issue, this website is an effort to enable EHS persons to self-report symptoms in an attempt to begin to analyze patterns caused by changes in the electromagnetic environment. The information gathered by the EHSReporting.com website is primarily intended to be used to document patterns of health effects in order to lobby for more protective safety standards.

*Surveys conducted by leading universities and institutions up to 2005 indicate an average of 10% of the population suffers from exposure to RF radiation. Surveys in Germany found 9% (2005) 8% (2003), 6% (2002); in England 11% (2004); in Austria 7%-19% (2003); in Switzerland 5% (2005). A list with a reference to all the surveys that were conducted up to 2005 can be found in a paper by (Hallberg & Oberfeld 2006). Western governments, however, are largely ignoring this situation.

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