Privacy & Use of Data Information gathers two types of data:

   1 - General or specific wellness data collected in the form of a simple survey
   2 - Specific symptoms data collected in a brief questionnaire

This information is voluntarily supplied by the visitor to the website and by default is collected on a completely anonymous basis.

Anonymous information is non-identifiable therefore we are unable to contact you for any follow-up purpose.

Under some circumstances there may be benefits to both and persons inputting data that they be contacted for the purpose of repeated surveys or other specialized data collection exercises. In order to enable this, the user may voluntarily input their name, email address, and postal/zip code. The name (which may be first only) is used as a polite address in subsequent emails. The email address is used to contact the person as in the event that a scheduled survey is available. The postal/zip code is used for data analysis as it enables relative pin-pointing of problem areas and cross referencing of symptoms to geographic locations.

All data collected is stored in a secure database utilizing modern protection systems.

The primary purpose of information collected is for lobbying government agencies for appropriate protective safety regulations. It is not inconceivable that data collected may have value in future legal proceedings which may benefit from further interviews with individuals inputting data. A checkbox has been placed in both the survey and symptoms input pages where the person inputting data can give their consent to be contacted via email to determine if they wish to provide additional information that may be of legal consequence. Persons may opt to reverse this consent and remove themselves from any future contact by sending an email to and stating such. Due to the general uncertainty of email communications, persons should ensure that any such 'remove consent' email sent is acknowledged by reserves the right to provide, at times for a fee, collected data (which does not include personal information) to agencies that have a valid professional interest in such data. This may include health-related agencies and the like. does not provide data for commercial purposes or product sales or advertising.

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