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Your data helps provide snapshots of wellness trends.

Should you do this survey or report specific symptoms?

This survey provides a baseline snapshot of current wellness and is helpful in documenting trends over time. Reporting symptoms helps pinpoint current problem areas and relate them to environmental influences. Consider doing both.

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The option: Do a one-time survey or a repeating baseline survey.

One-time input: Click here to complete the wellness survey on an anonymous one-time basis. No personal information is required. The survey will take you about 3-5 minutes to complete.


Repeated baseline survey: This is the same survey but repeated on a regular interval. It is more effort but provides valuable trend data. To participate in a baseline survey, fill out the form below then complete the survey. You will be emailed when a follow-up survey is due. Over time, changes to an area’s well-being can be analyzed. This survey stores your first name, email address, and postal/zip code to allow future notifications.